2 IN 1 Upright Bagless Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner HEPA Filter Hoover

Product code: LIVIVO

Product information

Light weight, powerful and convenient 

Designed for optimum convenience, the 2-in-1 functionality of the vacuum cleaner makes it an essential appliance in household maintenance. For use as a vacuum cleaner or alternatively as a handheld vacuum, you can be assured that this device has everything you need to tackle all cleaning eventualities. The detachable handle quickly converts a stick vacuum to handheld in seconds with the inclusion of easy removable parts.
The unique filtration of the vacuum cleaner includes an HEPA Inlet filter and a Sponge air outlet filter, eliminating dirt and dust particles whilst keeping the surrounding air clean and free of allergies. The HEPA Media filter helps remove pollen and other allergens, making your home a more comfortable place to be, especially if you suffer from allergies. This filter is anti-bacterial too, helping to keep pet-related odours at bay.The HEPA inlet  filter allows for bigger dirt particles to be cleaned without interfering with the motor, enhancing longevity of the vacuum. With a powerful suction power of 100 Air Watts, this sleek, compact device performs to a high quality standard, working deep into the surface to eradicate any dirt, dust and spillages. 
The lightweight, portable design provides easy manoeuvrability wherever you are, allowing you to reach deep into all crevices for a thorough clean. The bagless design and transparent body of the vacuum enables you to see when the device is full and needs to be emptied to avoid overfilling with the touch of a button. The LIVIVO ® 2-in-1 800W Vacuum Cleaner is designed to be an incredibly light vacuum but with extra reach. It has all the performance and capacity of a full size upright, but weighs a lot less. Its long reach hose and power cord make it easy to clean high stairs and large rooms, or even valet your car. Building from the ground up, LIVIVO used precision engineering to reduce the weight of every component, piece by piece. The LIVIVO ® 2-in-1 800W Vacuum Cleaner has the power, performance and capacity of a full size vacuum cleaner, but without the bulkiness and weight that make others such a drag. As it's so light, it's easy to carry upstairs and less effort to push across your carpet, so it's the ideal choice for older people, or for those with back problems.
- Powerful 100 air watt suction
- Ideal for hard floors and carpets
- Easy to empty bagless 1.3 litre dust bin
- Lightweight with excellent manoeuvrability
- 4.6 metres long power cord with cord organiser

Voltage: 220-240V - 50HZ BS Plug
Suction: 100 Air watts
Power: 600W (nom).800W (max)
Cord length: 4.6 metres
Dust tank: 1.3 litre capacity
Inlet filter: HEPA
Exhaust filter: sponges
Accessories included: Crevice tool & floor nozzle
Replacement HEPA filter available separately.
Turbo brush head attachment also available to purchase.

Technical specifications

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Product Code LIVIVO
Weight 2.9kg